Due to the public’s longstanding negative impression of street vendors, the first step for any disabled person working on the streets is learning to let go of their ego. Selling in the street isn’t merely about dealing with the weather, but also a severe test of one’s physical condition. After a long day’s hawking, individuals sometimes earn even less than the money for a square meal.

New Wheel Foundation Director, Chen An-zong (陈安宗), said that many people with disabilities find it very inconvenient to go out. In an effort to assist those with disabilities work together, he began building a more humane space, providing street vendors with dorm rooms that are almost entirely barrier-free.

The Street Vendors Foundation provides free accommodation to street vendors; through education and training, it is actively helping street vendors reverse their negative public image. Though the work of street vendors seems unassuming, each wheelchair warrior has their own unique life story to tell.





Disabled street vendors fight